School Council Meeting Dates & Vacant Council Positions

The first school council meeting for the 2012-2013 school year concluded with enough parents/guardians of students at Manor Park stepping up so that the council can meet quorum.  There are still key council positions open:

  1. chair 
  2. vice chair 
  3. communications coordinator 
If you would like more information about these positions, or about the council, please send an email to
Meeting dates for the 2012-2013 school year: 


Wednesdays, starting at 7pm, in the school library:
  • October 17
  • November 21
  • No meeting in December 
  • January 16
  • No meeting in February 
  • March 6
  • April 17
  • May 15
  • June 19



Information: Police Record Check Forms link

Parents and guardians of students at our school do not usually need a police record check to volunteer at the school, as we are usually a volunteer through a request, or discussion with, our child's teacher.

However, if you are asked for a police record check so that you can volunteer for certain school-related activities, please go to the following link at the Ottawa City Police website – you will find helpful information about police record checks, as well as downloadable Police Record Check form (pd format):

AGENDA for Sept 26 School Council Meeting


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Manor Park School Council


Welcome/round table introductions and call to order.  Review and approval of June 2012 minutes.


School Council Elections


Principal’s Report


School Clubs / Teams


Introduction of New Business for October meeting



Manor Park Home and School Association


  1. Financial update /Approval of 2012-2013 Budget


  1. New Funding Requests


  1. Fundraising update



          Magazine Subscriptions

          Scholastic Book Fair







Reminder: Next Council meeting is Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00pm.


Sept 26: School Council meeting and elections

Hope to see you at the first School Council meeting, starting tonight, Wednesday, September 26, at 7pm in our school library.

Elections for this year’s council will be first on the agenda. If you are interested in a position but still have not filled out a nomination form, you can put your name forward at the meeting, before the election process.

Information about School Elections

Manor Park School Council Elections

School Councils play an important role in ensuring the success of all students and in communication between parents and the school community.

Serving on your School Council can give you the chance to provide input for decision-making and to become a voice for parents and your school community. It is a great way to meet other parents and staff at Manor Park and to learn about the education system for the whole school.

As a parent or guardian at Manor Park, you are eligible for a position on the Council and to vote for a person running for a council position.

The term of office for elected and appointed positions is one year. Elected/appointed members can seek additional terms. As well, positions can be shared with another parent.

The responsibilities of Council members are as follows:

  • focus on improved learning for all students,
  • maintain a school-wide perspective on issues,
  • represent and communicate the views of the school community,
  • provide advice to the principal,
  • attend and contribute at meetings,
  • act as a link between the council and the community,
  • participate in information and training,
  • fulfill given duties.

Home and School Association

All fundraising events are organized by the Manor Park Home & School Association, which is also made up of volunteer parents/guardians whose common goal is to make Manor Park the best it can be.

The Association and its members are committed to classroom support, school curriculum and community activities. It performs these activities though its fundraising activities such as the May Fair, Plant Sale, and Pizza Program.

Overall, the Home and & Association makes a significant financial contribution to the school for the benefit all students and the Manor Park community. The elected positions on the Association work with the School Council and have, at times, held the same positions for the two groups (ie: chairperson for the Council is also the chairperson for the Home and School Association).

Elections will be held on Wednesday, September 26, at 7pm in the Library. All interested parents and guardians are invited to attend. If you are interested in any elected positions, please fill out and return the nomination form, which will be sent home in your child’s backpack, by September 21st.

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year at Manor Park!

The Manor Park School Council would like to welcome all school families to Manor Park School for the new school year. We are all excited to begin this school year with many new students, some new staff, and an abundance of fresh ideas.

What is School Council?

The Manor Park School Council acts as an advisory committee. Its main goal is to promote the educational interests of the school and the students. The committee consists of parent volunteers and is supported by the school staff and community at large.

Each school year, the Council is able to achieve its goals through parents and guardians like you, who help out in many ways, during the school hours and in the evenings/weekends.

In cooperation with the Manor Park Home & School Association, which manages the fundraising activities coordinated by parents, the Council helps to provide students with books, audio-visual equipment, field trips, sports equipment and much more. Together, we provide resources to support sports and arts programming, as well as teacher support through increased volunteerism in our school.

We will do our best to expand and improve on the partnership between teachers/staff, the school community families and our community at large.

Why Should I Get Involved?

At Manor Park, we highly value and benefit from the contributions of our school families. Increased parental involvement equals higher student achievement, attendance, improved behavior, improved school climate and a better relationship between home and school. Parent volunteers contribute to many areas of school life and are a major part of any school’s success.

As a parent or guardian of a student of the school, you are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all council meetings. It is your vote that elects the council, who then act on your behalf throughout the school year. You are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and concerns, and be a part of your child’s school.

This is a great opportunity to take a more active role in your child’s education and to foster relationships with other parents and staff at Manor Park. Please join in and help make this year the best it can be for the students at Manor Park.

Council meetings are generally held once a month throughout the school year, typically during the third Wednesday of the month. The election for Council and Home and School positions will be held on Wednesday, September 26, 7pm in the Library. The first meeting of the year will start right after the elections.

Other Helpful Information

School Transportation

The Ottawa School Transportation Authority (OSTA) is responsible for providing transportation services to eligible OCDSB students. If you have questions about school bus service, go to

School Fees

All students are entitled to participate in school activities and access resources regardless of personal financial barriers. As such, school supplies, school fees, and class fees are voluntary. There are some fees for non-essential supplies/services. For additional information please check the school board website. If you require assistance with respect to fees, please contact our school principal.