Manor Park Nutrition Break Art Programs – Fall 2013

Various Arts Programs are offered during the nutrition breaks at Manor Park to grade level children. The programs are designed to support creativity, art, and science and are a collaborative effort between the School, School Council, volunteers and staff of the Manor Park Community Council (MPPC).

Our FALL SESSION IS FOR 8 WEEKS beginning the week of October 21st. If a student would like to register for one or more of the programs, please complete the registration form attached and return it, along with full payment, to the School or the MPPC office, located next to the school library, no later than Thursday Oct, 16th. Note that space is limited, so registrations will be treated on a ‘first in’ basis.

Please complete the Nutrition Break Registration Form no later than Thursday, October 16th.


1. Cooking with Julie and Cary
Grades 1-6. Maximum 10 per class
Back by popular demand! Join Julie and Cary in the kitchen to create healthy and tasty meals and treats. (Note: If your child has any food allergies, please advise instructor in writing by attaching a note to the registration form).

Julie McInnes and Cary Willis are graduates of the University of Guelph’s Food, Nutrition and Risk Management Diploma Program. They have been involved in teaching cooking to Manor Park students since 2006.

2. Science with Rebecca
Grades 1-3/ Maximum 10 per class
Children will gain a greater understanding of the nature of science through fun lessons and experiments that focus on how scientific knowledge develops, and how science interacts with new technologies, society, and the environment.

Rebecca Wehner has a degree in European and Russian Studies. She has worked for the MPCC after-school program since 2010.

3. Under the Sea Art with Lindsay
Grades 1-6/ Maximum of 12 per class
Dive into the ocean, and explore the world of fish, coral, sharks, and mermaids through painting, drawing, and sculpture!!

4. Optical Art
Grades 1-6/ Maximum of 12 per class
Delve into the fascinating world of Optical Art, while making kaleidoscopes, prints, and paintings!

Lindsay Watson is a professional artist who has enjoyed teaching art to children and adults for the last ten years at various places including the Ottawa School of Art, the City of Ottawa, and the MPCC after-school program. She has a BFA, concentration History from the University of Ottawa.

5. Chess with Marc
Grades 1-6/ Maximum of 12 per class
Learn the basics of chess or master the skills, players of all levels are welcome in this popular class.

Marc Landriault is an employee of the MPCC after-school program and is currently completing a Business Administration-Marketing program. Marc has coached sport teams including floorball and raptor-ball.

6. Back to School Yoga with Marie
Grades 1-3/ Maximum of 10 per class
Yoga for School! Can’t get out of bed? Backpack too heavy? Nervous about that test? Learn some great yoga skills to help you have the best possible start to the school year. Classes are taught in a fun and relaxed format. Wear comfortable clothes.

Marie Blythe-Hallman is a certified and experienced yoga teacher, specializing in teaching children in a school-based setting.