Manor Park Schoolyard Greening Project

“Interestingly enough, both human and chimpanzee children are placed in an environment which is not “natural” but which has been structured for them. However, the environment created for the chimpanzee in captivity was planned with more science, art and attention to their needs and potential.”

Aaron, D. and Winawer, B. Child’s Play: A Creative Approach to Playgrounds for Today’s Children, 1965

The Taking Learning Outdoors project (aka the school yard greening project) started off as most projects do – from an idea. In 2007, teachers organized students to improve the front garden at our fair school. The idea to create an outdoor environment for educational opportunities took seed and grew through the commitment of a small group of dedicated people, school, parents and community, working together.

The primary goal of the Taking Learning Outdoors project is to connect students to nature through hands-on experiences, and change attitudes and behaviours towards the environment.

In the end, 25 trees were planted and the garden was planted – twice (2008 and again in 2012-2013 school year), with the hope of bringing learning outdoors and creating a safe, healthy and fun outdoor play space for the students, families and community of Manor Park school.

Humongous Tree
Barenaked Ladies

I’m gonna plant this seed, this little tiny seed
And it is gonna grow into a giant tree

A gigantic tree, a ginormous tree
A humongous tree for all the world to see, yeah to see

You’ve gotta love the trees, they even help us breathe
They give us oxygen, they give us scenery

When I see a healthy trunk it makes me want to jump
But I feel the opposite when I see a stump, yeah a stump

Swingin’ from the branches
Help me plant this seed, this little tiny seed

And let us watch it grow into a giant tree
One gigantic tree here for you and me

For our children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children to see